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 Our Values
Everything revolves around quality at VPSPL; it permeates into people, processes and technologies alike.
A conscientious work ethic and an honest approach to problem solving are VPSPL key strengths to sustaining customer's loyalty and lasting association. There is no flexibility whatsoever in the core values of the company along with social consciousness.
Highest priority is accorded to employee and equipment safety. Safety is inbuilt into all the systems and safe practices are implemented across all levels to ensure a high state of safety awareness among the workforce.
Time- bounded Delivery
Time-bound delivery cannot be an independent process. It has got to be a well co-ordinated effort of integrated actions right through planning, organization and control.
Welcome to Vasavi

VASAVI Power Services Private Limited is a 35 year old services company providing end to end support solutions customers across the power generation spectrum around the world.

VPSPL has extensive domain expertise & proven mission critical skills in bringing technology and engineering together to provide innovative services to the power sector industry.
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  VPSPL Services
VPSPL's extensive domain knowledge, proven mission critical skills, powerful service orientation, uncompromising quality standards and a tradition of time-bound delivery, all equip then to provide wide variety of services like:
Operations & Maintenance
MEI Turnkey Erection, Testing, Commissioning of Steam, Gas and Hydro Power Plants
Maintenance activities such as major overhauls, Inspections, Repairs of Steam, Gas and Hydro Turbines, Generator and other power Generating Equipments repairs.
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The logo is the visual representation of the company's mission, vision and philosophy. The core values of the company: Quality, Safety, Integrity and Time-bound Delivery.

The hand holding the thunderbolt at the center symbolizes the “Powered by Proficiency” and service commitment, which is in-fact the core competence of the company. The blue tint underlines the culture of fairness and trust that encompasses the entire organization. These elements combine to propel VPSPL’s wheel of progress, while generating outstanding value for its customerss at every turn.

© 2009, Vasavi Power Service Pvt. Ltd.

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